Theo Scheffers Arbo Consultancy (TSAC)

Consultancy on health risk assessment, control, engineering and innovation, for chemicals in the workplace.

Over 35 years Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene experience in research (TNO), (bio)chemical industry (a.o. DSM), engineering (Royal Haskoning), software development (DOHSBase, HYGINIST) and the international Industrial Hygiene Community (NVVA, BOHS, AIHA).
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  • Subjects:
  • Compliance based engineering & innovation
  • Exposure assessment including basic characterization , hazard priority setting (COSHH/IFA/EMKG), exposure modeling (TREXMO, IHMOD), exposure databases (MEGA, COLCHIC), sampling strategy, SEG validation, measurement representativeness, compliance testing (CEN 689), exposure determinant analysis (BW_Stat)
  • Occupational exposure limit setting OELVs, DN/MEL, Kickoff
  • Strenght, validation and use of priors in exposure assessment
  • Read across in chemical hazard classification and OELV's
  • Feasibility studies new OELV
  • Hierarchy of exposure assessment and health risk sources
  • International, multi-language projects (Dutch, English, French)
  • REACH services (substance identity, use descriptor system, exposure scenario's, Risk Assessment and Risk Characterisation)
  • Liability claim exposure assessment for chemical, occupational disease
  • Occupational epidemiology and population based health surveillance
  • Clients: enterprises, (non)governmental organizations, insurance companies, civiel court, trade unions, international industry branch organizations.
    Substance portfolio: natural occurring (wood, coal, flour, naphta) and synthetic chemical substances. Petrochemicals, biochemicals, minerals, carbon (all forms), flame retardants, pigments, additives, polymers, decomposition products.

    Click to open the HYGINIST or the DOHSBase websites.
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    Specifiek voor Nederland is de ondersteuning bij:
  • het vaststellen van (bedrijfs)grenswaarden binnen het nieuwe stelsel,
  • SER haalbaarheidtoets voor grenswaarden kankerverwekkende stoffen zonder drempeldosis,
  • Kick-off waarden en hoger hierarchiesche ArbeidshygiŽnische grenswaarden voor BRZO en andere chemie bedrijven,
  • groepsanalyse (bedrijfs)gezondheidskundige gegevens,

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